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hey guys ! .. LYN CARISSE TAN is my name .. graduated high school at HOLY INFANT SCHOOL and now studying at CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY taking up PHARMACY ..i love my friends and family :))

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EXO’s Comeback Show (HunHan XD)

When EXO was performing μ’‹μ•„μ’‹μ•„last night. i looked at Luhan and Sehun who were swinging left and right on their chairs. They kept on looking at each other. When it was Sehun’s part he was looking at his left but i think that he was looking at someone near at him. And then at the chorus part Sehun kept looking at his left and Luhan kept on looking at his right.

After that, when they were performing RUN, they all scrambled into different places at the chorus part.. They were placed like this : Luhan, Xiumin, Tao and Sehun. At first i thought Sehun was looking at Tao but I squinted my eyes and he was looking at Luhan and Luhan was looking at him too.

This is just my personal observation. Chanyeol is my Bias and my OTP is KrisYeol but my 2nd OTP is HunHan. I have nothing againts XiuHan and TaoHun. AGAIN, THIS IS MY PERSONAL OBSERVATION.


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